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Garden Spray to Repel Deer

March 25th, 2008

The following recipe is a non-toxic home brew, which I have found relatively effective at repelling, or at least discouraging, white tail deer from treating your daylilies and hosta plants like their own private salad bar. This formula was provided to members of the Hudson Valley Iris & Daylily Society by Royce Simmons. Continue Reading »

Prune and Trellis Your Tomato Plants

December 17th, 2006

For many home gardeners, the tomato crop is often a source of pride. Gardeners often compete to see who can grow the earliest ripe fruit, the biggest or most flavorful tomato. The desire for perfect tomatoes sends many gardeners to their local garden centers in search of the latest potions or products that promise to help them achieve their goals. Continue Reading »

Let’s Plant Potatoes in the Garden

December 17th, 2006

Potatoes, taters, spuds…call them what you will, potatoes are a staple in the diet of many people all over the planet. Potatoes are a nutritious, versatile vegetable, and they’re incredibly easy to grow. But before you run out to the garden with your shovel and hoe, there are a few things you should know about planting potatoes. Continue Reading »

Choosing a Type of Tomato to Plant

December 17th, 2006

Tomatoes are such a staple in the modern diet that it is hard to believe there was a time when this versatile fruit was once thought to be poisonous. Thankfully this member of the nightshade family has been known for centuries now to be a delicious and healthful addition to our diet and is now one of the most popular garden vegetables. Continue Reading »

Planting Tomatoes in Your Garden

December 17th, 2006

Tomatoes are without a doubt one of the most popular vegetables in the home garden, and for good reason. Homegrown tomatoes are very nutritious and much more flavorful than those bought from a store. Tomato plants will produce an abundance of fruit for the home gardener if they are properly planted and cared for. Continue Reading »

How to Make a Weed Dabber

December 17th, 2006

The tool that I am going to tell you about is for using herbicides such as RoundUp. The biggest mistakes that people make when using non-selective herbicides like RoundUp is over spray getting the herbicide on plants that they did not intend to spray, and over applying the product. If you spray to the point of run off, you are applying way too much. Continue Reading »

Weed Control Facts, Winning the Battle of the Weeds

December 17th, 2006

Keeping your landscape plantings, flower beds, and nursery crops free of weeds is a battle, but if you approach it with a strategic plan, you will prevail. In order to develop a plan, you first must understand how weeds work, and what kind of weeds you are dealing with. Continue Reading »

Saving Seeds From Your Garden

December 17th, 2006

For many gardeners, the garden actually begins in January when the first seed catalog arrives in the mailbox. While the cold wind howls outside, we retire to a cozy chair and leaf through the catalog, carefully notating which varieties of lettuce and tomatoes to try and wishing we had the space to plant each and every flower so artfully displayed on its pages. Continue Reading »

The Secret of Rooting Cuttings

December 17th, 2006

The secret of rooting cuttings can be summed up in two words. Continue Reading »

Easy Fall Propagation Techniques

December 17th, 2006

As a home gardener, fall should be a very special time for you. Fall is the best season of the year for plant propagation, especially for home gardeners who do not have the luxury of intermittent mist. The technique that I am going to describe here can be equally effective for evergreens as well as many deciduous plants. Continue Reading »

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